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Statement for 'Sum Of Its Parts' at Carver Hill Gallery, September 2015


The works included in this exhibit represent parts of the whole, various aspects of humanness; the Ego, Communicator, Performer and Animal. Delving into how we are growing closer together globally yet individually farther apart as our heads bow down to devices, ‘New Beginning’ searches to explore the history and future of communication. We are progressing into a technologically advanced world at breakneck speed, rapidly evolving into biomechanical beings and pondering where it will all end up. There will be those who resist and break away. Our ancestors set messages in stone that have carried information for thousands of years up to present. Will wires, chips and plastic do the same?

Always intrigued by the limitless human psyche, the Ego is beyond fascinating. This is what has shaped us as individuals, apart from the animal kingdom. It is what makes us feel small, medium or large in relation to the world and peers. The Ego IS NOT THE ‘SELF’ BUT RATHER A SLOWLY DEVELOPED, REFLECTED TRANSLATION OF OUR ‘SELF’ THROUGH SOCIETY’S EYES & VOICE. SOME OF US HAVE MORE THAN ONE. Complex conscious thought and opinion have set us up for progression, yet set back. We build, imagine, create, but we destroy, fall and retreat. The first four ‘EGOS’ were emotional, personal outpourings. After a short hiatus, I returned to the subject and a large rabbit head partially covering a face, evolved as unexpectedly as EGO#1. This image seemed to have more to say about perhaps another aspect of the personality or ego. Hence, the ‘ALTER EGO’ was born. During that period the Bunni became my story teller in much of my work. 

Two additional series that continue to develop are ‘Circus Freaks’ & ‘Tudors’ - my Performers. Tudors find themselves crossing into my other series. These pieces derive from my background as a dancer, growing up in a family that was well tuned into Live NYC theatre and dance. They embody my passion for costumes, masks, the macabre, off centeredness, backstage chaos and additionally, the many mysteries of the animal world; how We relate to Them and how They relates to Us. We are all mask wearers, parading the ‘front of our stage’, as a mess or two hide behind the veil; a Freak Show of sorts.

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