As One And Many 


The future of 'Us'....

This continuous body of work is titled ‘New Beginnings’.  It deals with the future direction of ‘Us’.   We are connected, becoming one.   But I envision a divide in our human race; some link in to a technological world so extreme while others choose, or are forced, to hide within what little nature remains. 


Connectivity is strong in a shrinking world.  Face is over-rated.  Unwavering drive pushes us forward, leaving paths of terabytes in our wake.   Chip implants are inserted.  Evolution releases the thumb from its hand.  Plugged in, a new race is in progress.  Some hold onto the organic, while many submit to the machine. 


New Beginning 


New Beginning / GOING IN / Going Back


This is a study of communication on an ancient level

This is a study of communication on an interior level

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