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UPCOMING openings for studio visits, coaching and writing services

BOOK A PORTFOLIO REVIEW!!  Seeking guidance in curating your submissions for a gallery exhibition or college presentation? Gain a nuanced perspective and invaluable insight on refining your artwork or creative journey for that extra edge, as you aim to elevate your art to its fullest potential.

Please email me if you do not have PayPal and wish to book a time to meet. 

As an extension of Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Shari Weschler offers artist career support. 

As an artist and a gallerist, Shari is uniquely positioned to advise you on career next-steps in preparing for and approaching galleries.  There is a large emotional component to launching pieces of ourselves into the national and international art market and Shari understands that positive, kind support generates an updraft for the mind and spirit.  Honest and constructive perspective on what galleries prefer (and do not), as you begin to consider which venues may be the right fit, is crucial to building positive relationships.  The key for confidence as an artist, is knowing when your work is ready for exhibitions and how to creatively and professionally move your practice forward.

Other services available include virtual and in-person studio visits, website reviews for optimal, clean presentation, website construction from the ground up, monthly website management, guidance and coaching on email campaigns, building a library of branded professional documents such as contracts, delivery tickets, inventory spreadsheets, invoices, writing services include CV, artist statement, biography and press releases, tips for photographing artwork, labeling and archiving imagery, best practices for a strong social media presence, analytics, resources and strategies for packaging and shipping art nationally and internationally.


Artists are invited to schedule a Zoom consultation to present a portfolio of artwork.  For those looking for more in-depth studio support to remain focused and accountable, Shari offers weekly and bi-weekly virtual visits for up to four months.  Feel free to email me!  

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