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Statement for 'As One And Many' for Candita Clayton Gallery May - June 2016


I am conveying connections that are pulled from intuitive but also analytical spaces, with a stream of consciousness, a dream, feeling, memory, knowing and a trusting. I feel things that many may not, see things that many cannot. I am witness to them on a global stage where they often present themselves as I sleep. This serves as my proof that we are universally linked. “It is important to consider the notion that our physical material world might be guided by non-physical properties, such as consciousness, and this idea is best illustrated by what is referred to as the double slit-experiment.” Then there is the beautiful world of quantum mechanics to further prove such endless possibilities are all around us.

This body of work is a continuation of my passion for examining communication; then, now and for what is to come –both, collectively & individualistically. Ancient people, ‘Star Beings’ set messages in stone. They were to last an eternity and we are still discovering new. These Communicators left us stories, a historical map and we must pay closer attention. Intensely connected to the sky, stars, seasons and nature as Thought Beings, we evolved into Material Beings. We symbolically became Material Beings when Adam strategically placed a modest fig leaf. Putting thought onto paper or into spoken word, can loosen the original intention, meaning or power, as would over-explaining this body of art. Creativity and Doing allow our thoughts to float, linger and summon further notion.

The draping in my imagery symbolizes the veil, one that is covering or being lifted. We are opening as humanity, but we are going under as individuals as we descend further into technology with intense dependence upon device. Face to face is becoming easier, faster and more comfortable on screen. Perhaps this could be the movement towards a collective, more unified, hive-like existence.  It is definitely an evolving. I question how one affects the whole and how the whole affects the one. There is a circle, a containment, a pattern of predictability but also a randomness and an utter mysteriousness to our entire world that cannot be explained.


Please do not view these artworks as objects, but rather think of as an entire experience. Keep these words with you when you leave: Illusion and Truth.

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